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06/09/2022 – 1pm-4pm – Understanding Condos (In French)



UFCs are awarded after training on the same day.


This 3-hour training on co-ownership aims to demystify the co- ownership in Quebec and help real estate brokers find answers related to listing and sale of a co-ownerships.
The different types of condominiums The declaration of co-ownership The syndicate
• Fractions
• Finances
• Insurance
• Co-ownerships in phases
• The use of brokerage forms will be studied during this training session.

Training plan

• What is a condominium?
• How to prepare well for listing a condominium
• Where to look for information?
• Understanding the declaration of co-ownership
• Financial statements, minutes and insurance
• Presentation of the condominium to potential buyers
• Use of mandatory and recommended forms