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28/06/2022- 1-3pm The BCP (in French)


Not Available

UFCs are awarded after training on the same day.


IMPORTANT: This course is given in French, for the English version please check the English Calendar. 

Brokerage Contract to Purchase – BCP, Understand, Explain and Sign offers the brokers the right tools to gain a perfect understanding of BCP and gives them the knowledge and confidence to motivate their buyers to sign a contract with them.

This course is for any real estate broker who wishes to understand the modalities of use of the R2.5 clause of annexe R, to perfect their offer presentations and master the billing process.

During this training session, we will highlight the importance of professionalism as well as the necessity for the buyers to have their own broker in their real estate transaction.

Course outline

  • The advantages of signing a BCP
  • How to motivate your buyer to sign a contract with you
  • The five steps of the buying process
  • Educating your buyer
  • The mechanism of the BCP
  • Important sections of the BCP
  • Exemples
  • Billing